The Ultimate Workplace's number one resource is our employees. It is through their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and much, much more that have helped us become The Ultimate Workplace!

We stand out as a category leader. This makes dealers want to work with us, organizations want to partner with us and consumers want to let us help them sell their cars. Above all, it makes a special company, one that can attribute its success to its products, customers, and most importantly, its employees!

Listen to what our employees are saying about The Ultimate Workplace. boasts a diverse, energetic, dedicated and fast-paced culture whose employees’ commitment to excellence and passion for their work are just a few of the reasons that we are The Ultimate Workplace. How do we know … they tell us! consistently receives high marks from our employees via our Employee Satisfaction Indexes.

What else does ATC do to support The Ultimate Workplace?

  • Promotes a well established and widely known brand that employees can be proud of.
  • Offers a comprehensive and robust Total Rewards program that is backed by our parent company, Cox Enterprises.
  • Provides a flexible and casual environment that supports a work/life balance.
  • Invests in our talented employees through our Training and Development programs.
  • Foster a diverse and empowered workforce.
  • Maintain and encourage strong ties to our communities with a dedicated Community Relations team to lead the charge.